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Welcome to New Hampshire Covered Bridges!

There are at least 55 authentic covered bridges remaining in New Hampshire. "Back in the day" we had over 200. This website features the covered bridges recognized by the New Hampshire Dept. of Historical Resources. There are several dozen so-called 'covered bridges' located on commercial properties all over New Hampshire. Most are miniature replicas strategically placed on golf courses, pedestrian walkways, and thruways. On this website we recognize and honor only those New Hampshire covered bridges that have withstood the test of time and endured more New England winters than most of us ever will.

New Hampshire covered bridges are more than a means of getting from one side of the river to the other.  Each has its own personality, its own history, its own story.  If you find one of our covered bridges with a sign that indicates what year it was built, take a minute to consider all that has happened since the bridge was born in 1890... 1853... 1829... or even earlier. 

We have added Google maps to our website! On the web page for each New Hampshire covered bridge you'll find a Google map showing the exact location. For driving directions to the bridge, simply click the map and enter your starting destination.